Nov 1, 2022
MH wins the EUROPAS 2022 Awards for Ag/Food Tech

November 1st 2022 – Lisbon

MicroHarvest has won the EUROPAS‘ Hottest Tech Start-up Award in the Ag/Food Tech category!

Amongst the finalists in the category were other prominent start-ups in the AgTech and FoodTech space, like PubinnoGardin AgritechJulienne Bruno and Agreena

‘We are thrilled to be recognized this prestigious award’- Co-Founder and CEO Katelijne Bekers said- ‘Our growing team active across the two hubs of Lisbon and Hamburg remains committed to delivering a significant impact in the food system, unleashing the power of nature. We are working fast and are on track to bring to market the fastest protein production system soon’.  

The award was received by our CEO Katelijne Bekers and CTO Ana Luísa Cruz