Our bold ambition to take on a big challenge. The smaller, better, faster solution for protein.

Unleashing Protein from Microorganisms

The most efficient protein factories in the world

Microorganisms (bacteria) have been used for centuries to make cheese, yoghurt, kefir, kimchi. They are already in our diets and are nutritionally rich.

They are also the world’s most efficient protein factories.
They grow incredibly fast, can contain over 60% raw protein, and need thousands of times less space and water than animals or plants.

Our unique technology helps us harnessing the power of these tiny miracle-workers to produce quality proteins.
We make our ingredients in tanks, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world- with a 24-hour process from input to final product.

The smaller, better, faster way


Our production system needs thousands of times less space and a fraction of the water, compared  to animal or plant-derived ingredients, to achieve the same protein outputs, with high scalability potential.


Being resource-efficient means that our product produces lower emissions, in comparison to other commercially avaialble protein ingredients. We select the best micro-organisms and minimally process our ingredients to deliver nutritious proteins with high consistency – packed with nutrients and with over 60% raw protein.


Our unique technology allows us to produce proteins within a whooping 24 hours from input to final product. The proteins of the future can be made in tanks, 365 days a year, everywhere in world, in any climate or weather conditions!

Driving impact across the whole protein value chain

At MicroHarvest, we believe in the power of driving impact across the whole protein value chain.

Our protein ingredients can support a more sustainable future of food through utilizations several industries, form aquaculture to pet food & human food- without compromising on the nutritional aspect.

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