Applying the power of nature


Microbes are the hidden champions of protein

Bacteria have been useful for centuries to make cheese, to promote skin and gut health (probiotics), and to produce useful compounds like food-processing enzymes.

But bacteria are also the world’s best protein factories. They grow incredibly fast, and can contain up to 70% protein. This makes them a much more efficient and sustainable protein source than animals. And a more evident source compared to plants, which need a lot of space to grow for relatively little protein and are dependent on soil and climate quality.

Instead, we grow bacteria in a tank, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. And we selected the perfect bacteria from Nature for our production.


Our unique technology

The way we grow allow us to produce nutritious protein at unparalleled speed, and that benefits the environment as well

Our technology is simple. We grow the bacteria in vessels by giving it underused sugars and some salts. Once the cells have grown, we separate them from the water by centrifugation, inactivate them and make the final product out of it in just a few steps.

Because of our unique combination of natural bacteria and process, we can produce very efficiently: less energy, small footprint, huge output. And consistent product, every time.


Our superior protein is healthier, and we make it taste good

When replacing meat, it is important not only to replace the protein, but also include the other nutritional factors it contains. This is challenging using plant proteins. Processing plant proteins removes essential micronutrients needed in our diet.

Our bacteria are not only full of protein, but also contain lots of important micronutrients, like iron and vitamins. Because our processing is limited, all micronutrients remain available.

The benefits don’t stop there: our all natural product is clean label without any allergens.

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