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The Protein of the Future
Our protein ingredients can support a more sustainable future of food through utilizations several industries, from aquaculture to pet food and human food, without compromising on the nutritional aspect.
Our Products
Our Products
Our Products
Our high quality ingredients are based
solely on natural microorganisms.
They are sustainable, cruelty-free,
nutritious and allergen-free.
Single Cell Protein

This sustainable protein ingredient is produced from whole-cell microorganisms. Once harvested from the bioreactor, the cells are inactivated and dried to produce a stable, high protein ingredient. The result is the perfect nutritional source: over 60% crude protein with excellent amino acid profile, plus micronutrients such as vitamin B2 and iron.


And it’s tasty!

Single Cell Ingredients

A range of specialty ingredients can be produced by treating the cells prior to drying. Extraction of the cells can increase the bioavailability of nutrients, modulate the taste, and change the functionality of the protein.

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